“Boo!! Boo!!” The chants rang through the club. Marc Blues had just finished his signature song but the crowd seemed to have felt otherwise about it. They were, and to put this in the best light possible, unsatisfied. You don’t believe me? The jeers spoke for themselves. This is a new and plausible perfect opportunity… Continue reading Hell-o

Screw This!!!

So here I am, sitting down once again, trying to magically find motivation but nothing is coming forth. Let me listen to some Eminem and see if it will work. If I get to post this, it will serve as a laughing point for future me, January me probably, but what the heck, this is… Continue reading Screw This!!!

The Knight of Light, Part One

“Papa! Papa! Tell us one of your stories!!” Monica, my youngest child inquires. Its Friday and according to our traditions, it is family story time. “The one that mom was the princess!! Tell us that one!!” Bing, her brother, interjects quite eager, practically jumping up and down. “That one? Oh, kids, it was a huge… Continue reading The Knight of Light, Part One

This thing called Life, I

            “What’s the best lesson you have learned so far?” That is a very good question Mark. I tend to believe that there is no “best” thing, just less wrong than literally every other thing, because, well, you know, societies, opinions, and perceptions change whenever new light is shown on the aforementioned. As of now,… Continue reading This thing called Life, I

Villain or Hero?

“Would you rather be a superhero or a supervillain?” my cousin, let’s call him Alex, asked rather playfully. “ That’s a tough question, hakuna other choices?” “Would you…” he turned to the TV to make sure he got it right “…rather be a superhero or a supervillain?” he asked again, maintaining eye contact and waiting… Continue reading Villain or Hero?

Local Man Discoveries: Aging

Hi, welcome to the first installment of Local Man Discoveries, I am your host, Lee. I happen to spitball a lot! Before I get started, I like classifying life in phases. So I am in this “melophile phase”, yk, loving music with everything I’ve got. A psychiatrist would try to say I’m overcompensating for something,… Continue reading Local Man Discoveries: Aging

Sigh, here we go again!

“It’s time to blog on Coffee with Lee. This is your reminder to create something today.” That was the blue WordPress notification that made me pause whatever I was watching and let out a rather heavy sigh. I could’ve snoozed it but it would have resurfaced sooner than later. Then I’d let out another sigh… Continue reading Sigh, here we go again!

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